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Eileen Wilson

Not procrastinating, honest!


My other banana's a porsche!

Well, March started off with the filming of 'The Grim Truth' by Jumpcut in Sheffield, starring Jonathan Whittington as Grim and Beth Walker as Camilla.  So, I'm so looking forward to seeing how it came out.  'Blind Faith' is shot and off to festival and the credit sequence for 'The Cliché' looks a treat.

February was off to a super start as   "Gargoyles and Lumpers', was an Official Selection at Košice Film Festival in Slovakia and "Cookies" was a Semi-Finalist for the Best First Five Pages with Blast Off Film Festival, LA.  That's a script selection every month from Jan '19 to Feb '20 with a mix of scripts.

The current blog is called 'Drawing an Audience', about how as a writer you need to paint the right picture both on and off screen. Alternatively, previous ones are on 'Bricking it' and on shooting with one camera or two, as I compare my time on two different sets. Currently, I'm knee deep in sitcom which is lots of fun and have almost five episodes complete of 'No. 47 ate my Uber' which my Beta-reader said was 'hilarious'.

Now stop reading and get writing! I'm only up for the cat!

Eileen :0)

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