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Hello all! 

Not checked in for a while to give you an update on what I'm up to, so here goes.  Along with updating an old horror short to a longer short and beginning the start of a new feature thriller, I've just done a collaboration with a production company on a short script that I was paid for.  So, that's awesome and I should get a credit too.

'Blind Faith' Short Film was released in November.  You can watch it at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRpIoJA1FP4 and 'The Grim Truth' is due out November5th.

'Drowsy, Sleepy Kisses' (my Top 5 Finalist novel for Roadmap Writers 'Write Start' competition) still hasn't got an agent.  It got reads though, so that's something!

My dramedy feature 'Once Bitten' made Semi-Finalist at Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival and my short horror 'Snapshot' is nominee for Best Short Script for Diabolical Film Festival, so I'm super chuffed. 

'Death 'n Allardice' my part regional sit-com placed at 'Lit Laughs' as did my sitcom 'Lodging' whilst 'The Grim Truth' movie already has two festival selections too.

So, placed pretty much every month since January '19 with my writing which is a real boost.

Cracking on with 'Help! My Puppy's a Monster Goat Alien' and 'Six More Buttons' (129 pages and 42,000 words thus far).

The trailer for 'The Grim Truth' is out now you can watch it here.


Mask up still!  Keep writing.

Eileen :0)