Short Scripts

Blind Faith

A musician has faith that the girl he loves will not be blind to his advances.  (Nominated for Best Short Screenplay for Genre Celebration Festival, Tokyo, November '18.)  Post-Production Sep' 2019.

Blue Car

Her husband wants to pave over the garden as he can't park because of the blue car, she wants a garden and gets insider information.  Will she get what she bloomin' wants!  (Winner of Best Short Screenplay, Genre Celebration Festival, nov' 19.)


Sadie waits for Cat to come in but something dangerous loiters outside.(Official Selection for Indie Suspense Horror Sci-fi Film Festifal, Florida and Diabolical Horror Film Festival, October '19)


Jenson slowly unravels as he hides from the CONSENSUS, a machine enhanced by the smartest human brains. As friends disappear, he asks himself if he could have done something differently to protect them, or if in fact he should bear blame.

(Finalist for Underground Indie Film Festival, June '19 and Semi-Finalist for Blastoff FF, First five pages, Feb '20.))

Elephant Gerald

Elephant Gerald loves to scat but gives Camel the hump.  Can he convince Camel that music is better than silence.  (Official Selection Pennsylvania Indie Shorts FF, Sep '19)



A Mum with dementia wants her daughter to nurse her but her daughter is in two minds.


A bullied teen gives his tormentor his comeuppance.  (Selected for Portugal International Film Festival, May '19).

Filling in Time

An old dear teaches a fellow pensioner some manners.

Global Warning

Debbie teaches Climate Change 1:01 but will it be too late for temp Alison?

(Selected for AC DC IFF, Montreal, May'19).


Going Deaf? (Provisional title)

Death wants his victim but the girl in the corner wants Death. (Optioned '19).  Follow @GrimTruthFilm


Jump Start

Crossed purposes over car trouble teaches the judgemental a lesson.

(Official Selection, Russian Independent Film Festival, September '19, Finalist for Hyperwave Film Awards, May '19 and Semi-Finalist for Light and Future Film Festival, Houston, Mar '19.)



Santa, held up at the grotto, uses his magic to save a lost soul getting nicked.  (Winner of Best Short Script for 'Bloodstained Indie Film Festival', Dec '19 and Nominated for Best Short Script for 'Top Indie Film Awards, Jan '19.)





Run For It!

Sci-fi where Julie has to deal with rogue robot R.F.I. in a futuristic gym.  (Finalist for Female Voice Rock, NYC, Sep '19.  First Round/Semi-Finalist for Indie Visions Film Festival, Virginia, Feb '19.)


Seeing Red  

A copycat killer stalks his victim but who will see red?

Somebody for Everybody

A zombie wants love but will falling for his teacher make him realise there is somebody for everybody? (Best Screenplay, Hollywood Just 4 Shorts, July '19.)



A put upon girlfriend teaches her 'know it all' boyfriend who really knows best.  (Selected for Mediteranean FF, Cannes, Nov '19, Semi-Finalist for Southeastern Film Festival, Nashville, September '19 and Austin Micro Short Film Festival, July '19).


When Wonderland is threatened the Mad Hatter must go upstairs to find Alice.  (Semi-Finalist for Hyperwave  Film Awards, Oct' 19 and Finalist for the Mononchrome Film Festival, September '19.)

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