Micro Short Scripts


Jade loves her mother but can no longer abide her abuse.  (Official Selection for Indie Visions Film Festival Aug Edition, Oct '19.)





Big Daddy

A visiting Texan and a Scot debate whose Daddy's biggest.

Bless You

A priest risks his own soul for the sake of his congregation.  (Selected for Queen Palm International Film Festival and Bronze Award winner for Best Dialogue, June '19.)








Boogie Wonderland with a twist

Simon wants to cast a new boy band but his beleaguered producer has to come up with someone fast, or face the consequences. (Selected and nominated for Best Short Script for Top Indie Film Awards, Sep '19).

Dark Things

A husband tries to protect his family from the Dark things but who exactly are they?  (Selected for Independent Horror Movie Awards, May '19).







Gargoyles and Lumpers

Carly wants to find the perfect man for her biological clock but finding perfect is not always easy.

(Official Selection, Košice Film Festival, Slovakia.)

Ginger Snap 

A Store Manager discovers discrimination works both ways.  (Selected for LA Comedy Feedback Festival, January'18



Hanger On

Teens hang an item on a leaving shopper but it's not just security who wants her. (Script selected for CKF FF, Dec '19)

Learning from History

Caligula wants his bins changed but can challenged Kevin in the call centre help? (Selected for CKF International Film Festival, Swindon, June '19).

Second Class

A post-mistress tries to embarrass her customer but ends up embarrassing herself.   (Selected for Toronto Comedy Film and Screenplay competition, July '19)  Posted on story pitches, https://storypitches.com/2018/10/19/short-film-second-class-by-eileen-wilson/


A Turk and a Brit realise they've unity in tradition. (Selected for CKF International Film Festival, Swindon, February '19).

Star Gazing

A girl explores her feelings for a stranger at an airport. (Selected for LA Under the Stars, Jan '20)

The Cliche

A husband suspects his wife of cheating but does his suspicion make her cheat?

(Finalist for Berlin Flash Film Festival for Best Micro-Short Script, Dec '18. Live read at LAFFF and one of their Top 5 script for 2018 from over 2000!) 

https://matthewtoffolo.com/2019/01/08/interview-with-screenwriter-eileen-wilson-the-cliche/ )


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