Eternal Administration sees Guy fight demons and filing to get to heaven.









Episode 1 - The Gauntlet

Guy has a nasty accident and ends up by the Pearly Gates.  Unfortunately, he hacks off St. Peter and is sent to 'Eternal Administration' where he has to fight endless filing and bad guys to move on.

(Official Selection for Austin Comedy Short Film Festival, March '19. Nominated for Best Comedy Series Episode (Screenplay) Apr' 19.)

Episode 2/3 - Fire and Brim Stoned  - Continues the adventures of Guy as he learns about his new colleagues and challenges.

Help!  My half Brother's an Atheist! sees Jed fall for Elan but being recruited by M15 and getting past her multi-religious family may be a hardship. 

(Episode 1 - The Funeral and the Nose -In to 25% of Official selection and Winner of Best International Short Screenplay, Houston Comedy Film Festival.)

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