Feature Scripts

I write best during afternoon to late evening.  If my tea goes cold it means I'm on my game.  I edit from the start every time.

At school, my history teacher always said I asked so many questions that I should write for 'Blue Jeans'.  

So, I did.

@Bang2write run by Lucy V. Hay gives cracking writing advice.  Lucy put me in touch with Rachael Howard and I did my first ever script-swap with her. You can follow Rachael on Twitter @rachwrite.

Alian Springs 
Sci-fi comedy where love is alien to Rose until she falls for Gary and has to prevent an alien invasion.
Frankie's Lodger
Horror comedy where Dan attends a wedding leaving a house-sitter to cope with unexpected guests.
Gnome Alone
Fantasy comedy where thieves want to bag a relic but the relic has other ideas. (Coronet selection, Queen Palm Int. FF, LA. Sep'19.)
Making a Boob!
A misogynistic Sports Reporter re-evaluates relationships after a botched operation gives him 40D's.
Once Bitten
Comedy drama where divorcing Maggie and Dave contemplate relationships as their lawyer plays cupid.  (Last 15% in BBC Writersroom - Script Lab 4 and Coronet selection for Queen Palm International FF.)
Mob comedy where Greg goes undercover as a gay, narcoleptic cop to stop the mob and get the girl.
More Psyched
Sequel mob comedy where Greg foils a heist to stop the mob and keep the girl.
Tennis comedy where Jake wants to win Queens but can't enter the mens tournament... (Selected for Med FF, January 2019 and Austin After Dark FF, August 2019).
Three Wishes (Selected  for Oaxaca Film Festival, September 2019)
Fantasy comedy where a down on love curator, teams with an unemployed genie to stop an aztec invasion.
Development at a British Film Company described my writing as 'original, descriptive and funny'.

I started writing script in 2013 just before I hit forty.  'Psyched!' was my first script and initially was about 140 pages written on Word in a table...

...for that I apologise.

Back then Final Draft was the door hitting my butt on the way out!

I grew up on old Norman Wisdom and Danny Kaye movies as well as the golden era of British sitcom with the likes of 'To the Manor Born' and 'Allo Allo'.

An Edinburgh agent agreed to read my comedy novella 'Pluck' that I wrote as a student.  Then her husband crashed his motorbike and she passed.

My #WIP is a twist on 'Cheaper by the Dozen' with squatters!

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